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Set in the heart of Maida Vale, Stuart Tower is steeped in history and these paintings are a celebration of the history and the canal that is such a landmark in the area.

John Stuart was a general in the Napoleonic wars, leading the british to victory against the French at the Battle of Maida in 1806. He was granted the title of Count of Maida and an inn that used to exist of the Edgware Road, The Hero of Maida was named after him. Maida Vale takes its name from this very inn.

The two rectangular paintings are from a series of paintings called Echelon, taking their name from a military formation in which units are arrangned diagonally before descending into chaos.

The two square paintings pay homage to the canal that is so much part of the identity of Little Venice and the surrounding areas.

One is inspired by the blue bridges found along the canal and the other takes its structure from Rolling Bridge in Paddington Basin.